Hello! If you wish to Report a Staff Member kindly follow the below format.

Name of Staff -
Accusation for -
Proof (Screenshot/Video) -
Other -

Please NOTE!
- Making fake Staff Reports will result in a Permanent ban on the forums.
- Making Staff Reports without evidence will result into denial.
- The above format is to be used if you wish to report a Staff member.
- The evidence can be on the Server, discord or the forums. Basically anywhere across the Network.
- Evidence can not be cropped or edited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who reviews Staff Reports?
Someone from the Administrator team, takes care of staff reports.

Will the Staff Member have his say if accused?
Yes, Infact a decision cannot be taken by an Administrator until the staff member has his say.

If accepted will the Staff member be demoted?
The accused Staff member punishment is not to be shared.