Becoming a Youtuber/Streamer
Hello! Before applying, please read this post to familiarize yourself with requirements and frequently asked questions.

- Must Have previously streamed or recorded on the server
- Channel must be in good standings
- Must Have a good following & active fan-base.

Frequently Asked Questions

I applied, When do I hear back?
Usually, we take 1-2 weeks to review an application, if you were to be accepted you will be notified on the forums.

I Have not heard back after 1-2 weeks. Can I Re-apply?
We only message the people who have been accepted, if you have not been messaged within 1-2 weeks, consider reapplying within 20 days of the time of submission of the previous application.

What happens If I were to be accepted?
You will be given Twitch or Youtube Rank accordingly, and some perks to follow.

The Entire OPAnarchy Team wishes you the best of luck in applying!
Click Here to be directed to the Twitch/YouTube application format!