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    Haven't Received my God Rank

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    Hi there,

    Sorry for posting in the wrong topic. It wouldn't let me create a new thread in the Bugs or Purchase issues one, so I'd thought I would write it here.

    I bought the God rank back in 1.0 I believe, but I haven't received it in game. I asked Admin Strafe on Discord, to help me get it back. I sent him transaction IDs and proof of purchases, but he decided to leave me mid conversation.

    I then spoke to KingKatori and asked why Strafe decided to leave me, and if he could help me get my rank back or ask Strafe to message me, but it only resulted in my getting banned from the Discord for no valid reason. So the only way to get in touch with an admin/owner is to make a forum post.

    Anyways, below is a transaction ID for a Hero purchase (I can't find the God receipt). There is also a very old forum post where I said I lost my God rank, and an owner fixed it for me.
    Transaction ID: 2H330600D58889526
    Forum Post: https://www.opanarchyforums.com/forum/m/19933031/viewthread/25127579-lost-my-god-rank-read

    My current IGN is Sickboy821.
    Posted Dec 29, 18 · OP
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    gl server is shit and no staff help waited over 3d and still haven't got shit
    Posted Dec 29, 18
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