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    OpAnarchy ReAwakened

    AlphaVoids aOwner posted Jul 25, 18

    OpAnarchy ReAwakened
    Friday, July 27th 3PM EST

    Greetings everyone,
    I am excited to let you know the reset post is finally up! This friday, at 3PM EST we will be opening up to the public! After months of waiting, we finally have a new setup so lets begin! This 'ReAwakened' setup's goal is to return us to the roots of OpAnarchy. We strive to have an active and tight community, filled with hundreds of players, weekly competitions, and so much more.

    IF YOU ARE A DONATOR PLEASE FILL THIS FORM OUT - https://goo.gl/forms/ENkYp43NOCwrsbZC3
    Donator Ranks Back

    If you have purchased a pickaxe from the store you will receive it back, but only 1. You do not get 5 or 10, you only get 1.

    Everyone who has ever bought a rank, whether its back in 2015, or in 2018 will receive it back automatically!

     New Keys and Pick
    This setup will have new cratekeys and pickaxes to be purchased. The new items will be put online at 12pm EST on Friday so you can order the item before the server is released! These new cratekeys and Pickaxes will only be available for the first few days of the reset, so get them fast!

    Ban Purge
    We have decided that because OpAnarchy is under new management, we will be giving everyone a second chance. All those who have been banned in the past will be unbanned and given a second chance!


    Competitions (Cash Prizes)

    To start this new setup off right, we'll be introducing a variety of competitions! As the map progresses, more and more competitions will be started and ran!
    To begin with, we will be having a race to Z rank! The first person to reach Z will receive $75 USD to their paypal account. We will also be doing this for Prestige 1. The first person to reach prestige 1 will receive another $75 to their paypal account!

    Next weekend, we will be holding a pvp tournament. This tournament will either be solo or in teams, voting for this will go up soon. There will be a large prize pool for this tournament so get your friends online ASAP to build up your gear!


    There are 10 Prestige ranks
    Everyone gets harder and harder to unlock
    The higher your prestige, the better your rewards will be


    With this setup comes new builds



    Now I won't spoil all the new builds… You will just have to come online and check them out :)


    Yea, I have heard your cries and decided to sit down with some of my team members to go over the economy. We are happy to say we have balanced the economy, and even brought back one of your favorites. This economy is a mix of 2.0 and 3.0 to ensure a balance has been struck



    Many of you have asked for tokens to be brought back, so we have done just that! We have taken the token setup from 3.0 and altered it a bit. The tokens will be continuously updated throughout the maps life with new features and enhancements to be able to purchase!

    Video: https://youtu.be/FPEYy-xDAIs

    Sword Icon: Beheading

    GoldApple Icon: Mine Speed

    TNT Icon: Explosion (Which is revamped and actually is good now and works with infusion!!!)

    Boots Icon: Speed

    Pickaxe Icon: Omnitool (Is instant now and works better than before.)

    Prismarine Crystal Icon: Infusion, 3x3 and 5x5

    Hopper Icon: Jackhammer (Goes up to level 50! Each level increases your chance to mine a whole layer of the mine in one swing.)

    Tripwire Hook Icon: Key catcher (Allows you to randomly get keys while mining! Better chance as you raise it's level.)

    Blazerod Icon: Laser (Will mine every block in the layer in a direction of north south east west. It looks much like a plus sign.)

    Gold Nugget Icon: Shows your balance

    Chest Icon: ALL NEW BACKPACKS!! You can get different backpack variants all the way from 9 slots up to 56 slots!

    Paper Icon: Allows you to disenchant your pickaxe if wanted.

    Iron Pickaxe Icon: Allows you to upgrade the vanilla enchants on your tool such as Efficiency, Fortune, Unbreaking, Silk Touch, Sharpness, Fireaspect, Knockback, Infinity, Power, Punch, Flame, Looting.

    Voting has finally been fixed. We have created a new GUI display to ensure voting is now easier and more accessible to all players! We have slightly altered the rewards, to push you guys to vote. Make sure to type /vote next time you are ingame!


    Auctions have received an update! To proevent chat spamming, we have altered the auction messages a bit to ensure all auctioned items can be seen!

    Plot Mines

    Plot mines have made a return! You can now purchase them via the store. There are 3 tiers, tier1, tier2, tier3, each tier is larger than the other, and give better rewards!

    Community Nights
    Every weekend or every other weekend we will be holding special community nights. These nights will be a way for the community to get together, and just have some fun. These nights will be filled with giveaways, challenges, and much more!

    Bye Bye Bots

    Many of you have complained about the bots fillinng the server. I am happy to say this will be removed! The bots will be no more...

    New Features

    Throughout this setup, we have sprinkled in little eastereggs. These new features will constantly be updated and released. Once the server is stable, we plan to do weekly updates releasing new things such as new enchantment, new token shops, items, and much more!

    End Note

    If you have any suggestions youd like to see on the server, please post them down below. We still have plenty of time to add many more features, so all suggestions will be heard! Thank you again for the warm welcome, and I look forward to playing along side of you all!


    u9r When is this getting released? If it whats the IP?
    Styrm Anarchist+ Looks fucking amazing. It's been an honour to help to answer questions about the past and future, i guess. Hope eve...
    BrettPlayMC Super excited! :)


    VoxaDub posted Dec 24, 17




    QoL update

    Hey there players of opanarchy today we have decided to release the first of many bi-weekly friday updates. This one includes many fixes to make your time spent more rewarding. Let’s get right into the changes:

    Made much more common now
    1/5000 chance per block
    Crate Drop from buycraft 1/4000 chance per block
    Ultra Crate keys more common (5%)
    Added Holiday Crate (10%)
    Added 3x3 crystal (0.5%)
    Added 5x5 crystal (0.005%)

    Prestige rewards
    We have added prestige rewards to every 5th prestige
    1st: fly warp 1st
    5th: /rename warp 5th
    10th: Rainbow leather pants
    15th: Rainbow leather boots
    20th: rainbow leather chestplate
    25: Rainbow leather helmet

    Vote Party Changes
    Now occurs at 100 votes (150 before)
    When it occurs, global 1.2x sell buff for 20 minutes
    More rewards added to crate
    Tier 1 key*



    VoxaDub posted Nov 22, 17




    Dinosaure it will normally be soon.
    AntoLuMeju99 VIPBetaAnarchist+ Sad :(
    juiceboxarmy MOD1kAnarchist+ nothing but disappointment. LOL

    Yo, what is up fam?

    The dub and I have been away for a week in the LEGENDARY state Ohio. We finally are back, and we need to stop this slacking. Lets get our player count back up there, ya dig? Everytime one of us leave bad shit happens to either Anarchy or Opmines. Which managed to occur again 5 days ago. We got blacklisted the second we hopped on the flight. Maybe mojang is spying on us, I don't exactly know. What ever it is though, we fixed it. We are no longer blacklisted, so hop back on! Along with this, I will be hosting a big DP on Friday at 3pm Pacific standard time.

    I will drop

    • Rank vouchers
    • Buycraft vouchers
    • Summer picks
    • Tokens
    • Money
    • More items

    It will be a very lit dp, be there.

    On top of this, in the next coming weeks / months I will be doing large updates and we will  hopefully be implementing MCPE for anarchy. This will take some time. But it will come eventually.

    Lets get poppin?

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