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    Hello Adventurer!

    The Op-Anarchy Staff team is happy to announce that Skyblock is the second gamemode now playable on our Network.

    Relaunch Time.: [NA] 10/27/18 / [EU] 27/10/18

    Skyblock Introduction

    Our plan for Skyblock is to launch a server which has a variety of content and depth. We hope players familarize themselves with the foundation of the setup whilst the Staff team works on Weekly & Monthly updates to fulfil players feedback.

    We seek to make Skyblock a non repetetive Journey from the first day you step on the Server. We aim to take your suggestions and evaluate them. Suggestions can be brought up either on the forums under it's right category, or on our Discord server. If you have yet to join our Discord Server, you can Click Here to be directed to an instant Invite.

    Skyblock Spoilers

    1. Skyblock Spawn

    2. PvP Arena

    3. /Warp Bosses & Boss Board Information

    4. Events Board Information - Tnt RunBow Spleef

    5. Quests

    6. Starting Islands

    7. Donators Perks

    8. Leaderboards - BalanceIslands 

    9. Kits

    10. Commands Menu

    11. Crates - Vote CrateEvents Crate

    Notice to previous OP-Anarchy Players

    Donation ranks
    All past donators will be given a giftcard. By typing /redeem when you first enter the new prison server, a giftcard code will be generated. Keep this code secret! We will not be giving new codes out, so if you give your code to someone and they steal it you just lost your ranks! The giftcard value is the total amount you have ever spent on OPAnarchy, from 2014-2018. This is the total you paid, with the sale included.On our new webstore, you will be able to rebuy the new ranks, tokens, picks, keys and more! You giftcard works on anything on this network, whether its prison or skyblock.


    We are looking forward to this realunch with Skyblock being the new gamemode alongside Prison. We hope to view as many of you as possible, and understand together ways to improve everyone's experience on our server. 

    We thank you deeply for your understanding and patience. 
    OPANARCHY Management

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