Relaunch Time: 10/27/18 3PM EST

Hello Adventurer!

You seem to have stumbled upon a discovery in outer space, after being chosen to represent planet Earth. Humans, believed in the legend of Anarchy, a treasure in outer space, where only the hard working individuals would succeed and escape with their head held high. The treasure was located within a force field created by an evil race to defend from mankind for all these years.

An explorer who’s name is unknown, had found a very interesting gem on planet Earth which studies say it could dent the force field within a small radius.

On your way to finding the treasure, the use of the gem was of importance. After a long and exhausting travel throughout the force field, you scope out land where you meet a different race. He explains to you the importance of being trustworthy, hardworking and everything about the legend of Anarchy. Whilst looking around the beauty of the discovery and having a specie explain and tutor you around, you lost your attention on the gem which grants you an exit.

The specie gives his final goodbyes, and asks you to showcase yourself as an example of mankind. Before you could thank him for his lecture, he waved at you with the gem in his hands, and disappeared.

You look confused, and disbelieved, believing you’re stuck here for eternity. On the ground you find yourself a note saying ‘Only those who prove themselves deserve the gem of Anarchy’.

Are you up for the task?
Do you believe you can escape Space & go back to planet Earth?
Can you find the hidden treasure whilst proving yourself to the odd specie?

Hurry up! Time is ticking…

Relaunch Time: 10/27/18 3PM EST


New Spawn!

New PvP Arena!

New mines

Space Ship Progress
As you progress through prison, you will unlock spaceship parts. As you move toward z rank, your spaceship building status will be shown in the mines! When all parts are captured, you will be able to make a trip to earth...

                                           Warp b                                                                                         Warp z 

Earth is a scary place... Scattered with dungeons, bosses, and so much more. What happened whilst you were gone?!

Pretty is our number one priority!

Other Content!

We all love kits, but how about a functioning kits menu! Here is a sneak peak of what is to come...

New shop
These species sell some weird stuff!

Custom Enchants
Whilst stuck in outer space, might as well dig into some excluse enchants created by the new specie!

Mining Bombs
They sure know how to throw a party... Can be bought ingame, on the store, or as rewards through voting!
Big: Medium: Small: Tiny: 


Donation ranks
All past donators will be given a giftcard. By typing /redeem when you first enter the new prison server, a giftcard code will be generated. Keep this code secret! We will not be giving new codes out, so if you give your code to someone and they steal it you just lost your ranks! The giftcard value is the total amount you have ever spent on OPAnarchy, from 2014-2018. This is the total you paid, with the sale included.On our new webstore, you will be able to rebuy the new ranks, tokens, picks, keys and more! You giftcard works on anything on this network, whether its prison or the new gamemode :)

Ban Purge
Relaunch means a second chance for everyone!

There are 10 Prestige ranks.
Every prestige gets harder and harder to unlock.
The higher your prestige, the better your rewards will be.

We were sick and tired of all the old economies, so we deleted everything and made a new one! This economy will be harder to rankup with, but will cause for a lot more fun! We will be altering the economy the first week the server is live, to ensure it is fine tuned and just the way we want it!

Many of you have asked for tokens to be brought back, so we have done just that! We have taken the token setup from 3.0 and altered it a bit. The tokens will be continuously updated throughout the maps life with new features and enhancements to be able to purchase!

New voting rewards are out! Everyone who votes will now receive money, a NEW vote key, and much more!

We thank you guys for all the support and understanding lately. We know many of you were upset about us not releasing this earlier, but we decided it was time to delete everything and start from scratch. There are dozens of new features not mentioned on this thread, you will have to find them and unlock them as you go ;)

Thank you, and see you guys soon!
OPANARCHY Management